Getting a US XBOX in India

Did you bring an XBOX from US and plugged in to India socket? Did it trip your MCB? Is the adapter smoking? You have a good news and a bad news.

  • Good news: Your XBOX console is not broken and it will work again.
  • Bad news: You have blown up your adapter (power brick) and need to buy a new one which works in India. (look at the links down this page)

I recently ordered an XBOX 360 E 250 GB + Kinect from and was pleasantly surprised that it was delivering this model in India.

I had to go through a long process involving multiple communication instances with XBOX support people even before I get to see my Console up and running.

Instance #1: Before placing an order I asked a chat assistant of XBOX whether my device will be under warranty if I get it from and get it shipped to India. The assistant said my device *will be* under warranty.

I placed an order and got my XBOX within estimated date.

Instance #2: I check again with an Online assistant on how to use the US power adapter in India for which he suggested I buy a converter. (230V to 110V).

I did the same and it tripped my home circuit breaker! (It did not smoke as suggested by some bloggers here:

Instance #3: I contacted an Online assistant again (3rd time without playing my XBOX for once!) who said that my Adapter will need to be replaced and that my device is under warranty and they will initiate a request. The agent asked me to click on a link to initiate a request. This link doesn’t work (probably Microsoft servers need Ctrl+Alt+Del) so I asked the agent to initiate a request on my behalf. The agent couldn’t do this because his own system was also down! (Microsoft lost a lot of respect) The agent gave me a couple of India support phone numbers where I can raise a request only between 9 am to 5 pm. So I had to wait for a few hours.

Instance #4: I tried calling up these numbers but figured out that the numbers DO NOT exist! (and microsoft support people does not know about this!) I searched contact numbers on google and figured out myself. India support team completely disowned the entire issue and said they do not support this particular model in India and they do not even give International warranty! I explained that I had confirmed this from you folks even before placing an order. They said that someone might have given a wrong information! Now this is completely unprofessional, two different customer care agents giving different information to me! India support team refused to take a request and said that I need to contact US support (since the console was bought from Again, they gave me wrong contact numbers (numbers which do not exist)

Instance #5: I went to Online Chat support again to sort this out and explained the whole story to a new agent. He was apologetic and said that he would help me. He again gave me a link where I can initiate a request. This link did not work even after 12 hours. (It seems Microsoft does not fix their bugs). The agent took some time (~30 mins) and raised a request on my behalf and said that I will get a replacement adapter and I will get an email with more details.

Right now, I am waiting for a replacement email which will supposedly have more details. The online tracking system of Microsoft is still down (almost 18 hours).

The fact that I have not even played my console ‘once’ and I had to contact different service professionals 5 times (and no resolutions yet) shows how bad the entire experience is.

Hoping to get a quick resolution from XBOX support.


After not receiving much help from official Microsoft support folks (They kept repeating that they can’t supply an adapter in india) I went ahead with buying a non-standard adapter available on ebay:

[Similar to these]

And it’s been working well for more than a year now without any issues. (like overheating)